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Fussy Children Take Notice Chiropractic Care

In the 1970’s when chocolate packet cake mix was on the shelf in the local supermarket it contained 4 ingredients: flour, baking soda, sugar and cocoa. Today it’s a list of numbers, fillers, flavour enhancers and complicated names. Similarly in the 1970’s and even the 1980’s a fussy child could be dismissed and sent out for some fresh air with a usually positive result.

The question today is can fussy children be dismissed to some fresh air with a positive result?

This is a concerning topic and one that in clinic shows a sign of the times. Sensitivities in children are on the rise. Today, we are commonly seeing children whose nervous systems cannot easily cope with simple stimulation such as sound, touch, taste / assimilation of food and sight stimulus.

Reasons for sensitivities vary and without analysing the specific science behind what is causing children such stress, what counts more is helping a sensitive child to cope with life and become a well rounded teenager and adult.

Overwhelmingly stresses such as chemical, electromagnetic frequency, air pollution are on the increase. Nutrition deficiency with a reduction in minerals gained from a healthy diet due to over production of grown foods and significant increases in processed of chemically based foods are a feature. Unknowingly a mother’s health becomes a child’s inherited health and even though best intentions are usually a top priority, health deficient adults abound.

Chiropractic care can help with sensitivities by reducing nerve interference, enabling the body’s natural ability to create health stability the chance to work optimally. The problem is identifying what could be a behaviour or sensitivity worth looking at and visiting your Chiropractor for assessment.

Quirky behaviour is often a good first sign:

Smell Sensitivity: Child will not walk into a butcher store or fish shop. Child becomes distressed by smells an adult would consider fairly acceptable.

Touch Sensitivity: Child objects to the feeling of wearing clothes and certain fibres. Child needs to constantly hold specific items or feel items obsessively.

Digestive Sensitivity: Bloating is common after meals. Certain foods trigger a reduction in compliant behaviour, over activity, upset or lethargy.

Sight Sensitivity: Child objects to bright light and tries to shield him/herself or becomes irritated.

Audio Sensitivity: Loud noises distress child.

Coogee chiropractic care for children with sensitivities is gentle and interactive. Even from a young age it can be soothing to the nervous system leading to an increase in calm for children.