How to Avoid Relapse in Patients with Childhood Nephrotic Syndrome

It is easy for patients with Childhood Nephrotic Syndrome to relapse. And then how to avoid replace in patients with Childhood Nephrotic Syndrome becomes an urgent affair.

Western medicine treatment is to eliminate their clinical symptoms (large quantity of protenuria, severe edema and hypoproteinemia and so on) temporarily.

With large quantities of hormone, immunosuppressive agents and cytotoxic agents taken, the adults will suffer from obesity, gastrointestinal discomfort, decreased resistance and abnormal electrolytes, let alone the children.

It is not wise to make children to take these kinds of hormone chronically.

Long-term intake of hormone will do harmful to children’s development. They may be shorter than others at the same age. Some children (5 years old) with Childhood Nephrotic Syndrome are as tall as children who are ten years old.

What is worse is that taking huge amount of hormone purely cannot treat their disease fundamentally, but may lead to the relapse of their disease.

Without effective treatment, their conditions may develop into kidney failure.

Once kidney failure occurs in children, they have to receive dialysis to help their damaged kidneys to filtrate blood, discharge waste products, toxin and extra water from their body and so on.

To prevent the deterioration and relapse of their disease condition, another method should be adopted.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmothearpy in our hospital can help them to avoid the relapse of their disease.

As one innovative therapy of traditional Chinese Medicine, it is applied to patients’ lesions externally. Children don’t have to take medicines or inject medications. Their stomachs can be protected from being stimulated, which will enhance their appetite. And their resistance will be improved accordingly.

Micro-Chinese medicines are composed of herbal medicine and mineral, which has no side effect on children patients.

With the action of this kind of micro-medicine, their damaged kidneys will be repaired.

The achievement of these purposes relies on dilating blood vessels, anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation and degrading extracellular matrix.

To avoid the relapse of Childhood Nephrotic Syndrome and to prevent this disease from deteriorating into kidney failure, patients with it are recommended to receive Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy.

Doctors treat these side effects of hormone symptomatically, since it is not always feasible to stop hormone administration even when severe side effects occur. These are situation where they have to weigh the disadvantages of using a drug against the advantages and make an informed decision.