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Tips to Cure Tonsils in Children

Indications of tonsillitis are: as the time passes, eating, drinking and swallowing things become difficult. The pain can be followed by fever, earache and headache. The tonsils can be seen too. Just open the mouth wide open and the two masses of tissues at the either side of the throat are tonsils. Usually they are dark pink in color, however when they get infected they turn red. A white or yellow coating might possibly be formed on the tonsils. There is an obvious change in voice when it becomes hoarser. The infected child can also develop bad breath. The infected kid may also get abdominal pain and can throw up what he eats. Tonsillitis is caused by both bacterial infection and viral infection. Bacterium known as streptococci causes infections which require special treatment.

When the child gets tonsillitis, the parent should give plenty of fluids to drink. Smooth food ought to be consumed to ease the pain caused by swallowing coarse, crunchy, and hard food. Food like soups, ice creams, applesauce, and gelatin are a good option. Spicy food should also be avoided. A humidifier or cool mist vaporizer can be placed in the child’s room as a result will make breathing more easily. The kid needs to be given maximum rest and complete bed rest for at least two days is advisable. The viruses and bacteria cause tonsillitis to spread by sneezing, coughing or touching. The infected child must cover his/her mouth while coughing and sneezing. A disposable tissue can be used rather than a towel or handkerchief. Things such as utensils, towel, clothing, etc. of the sick kid ought to be separated so that the rest of the family doesn’t get affected.

The doctor inspects the tonsils with a wooden stick known as tongue depressor, which will lower the tongue, to ensure the doctor can have a good look at the tonsils. Afterward the doctor checks the ears and nose. Heartbeat will be checked. If the doctor suspects strep, he/she will take a sample of saliva from the back of the throat with a long cotton swab, which can gag up the child a bit. After a day or two the results are received. Some doctors conduct a similar test generally known as rapid strep test, which give results within couple of minutes. Antibiotics are given whenever the test results come positive for strep. The bacteria get killed only when the course is completed and the correct dosage is taken at correct time.

If virus is the reason behind infection, there is no medicine for it and instead the body is capable of fighting the virus by itself. When the tonsils infection becomes frequent and the child finds it hard to breath because of tonsillitis, it is recommended to get the tonsils removed. But it is the last resort after all other treatments do not do the trick, because tonsils are very important to the body’s immune system.

The tonsils are taken out by surgery generally known as tonsillectomy. After the surgery, the child won’t suffer the pain of a sore throat and breathing problems anymore. The surgery won’t even leave any scars. A day before the surgery, the child cannot eat or drink, to keep the child from throwing up during the operation. The operation is very short and last for only twenty minutes. As a result of the anesthesia, the child won’t feel a thing during the operation. And during the surgery, the tonsils are removed using an electric cautery, which is a burning tool, or perhaps a cutting tool. After the surgery, the child is given lots of fluids and after a day soft foods may also be given. Usually it takes about a fortnight to completely recover from the surgery and the child can return back to normal activities.